Your photos will be ready to view a handful of days after your shoot. Your reveal will be in person at the studio or over the phone and on your computer/tablet.

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A normal shoot typically takes between 90 and 120 minutes. This gives us plenty of time for posing in 2-4 outfits and really get into a relaxed, fun groove.

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Our online booking and scheduling system makes it simple and easy for you to choose your date and plan your session. The first step is inquiring by hitting the button below!

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You deserve it all

A boudoir session with Moody Boudie is the complete experience. It is designed for the woman who truly wants to pamper and celebrate herself – the ultimate self-care session.

Imagine walking into a gorgeous, upscale studio, arranged specifically for the unique vision of your shoot. When you arrive, relaxed and refreshed, the hair and makeup artist takes time to first treat your skin with products that make it feel baby soft before she begins working on your look. 

After hair and makeup, you meet with your photographer as you discuss your outfits and get a game plan for the space. She has helped you choose the perfect wardrobe for your shoot and even helped you shop for your lingerie so you feel totally prepared.

As you begin shooting, you are surprised how comfortable you feel in front of the camera after a few minutes. It's not nearly as awkward as you thought it would be. Your photographer is guiding you through every pose and facial expression. Soon, it becomes easy and really, REALLY fun. 

When you view your final images, you are blown away by how incredible you look. You never realized how gorgeous you truly are. You feel magical and confident, ready to take on the world.

The experience

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Our 2022 session fee is $400 and covers everything from hair and makeup to wardrobe selection. Every session comes with a slew of perks!

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Shoot options

🌟 Pre-Session phone consultation + guide 

This is where we plan your session, answer your questions, and I give ALLL the advice you need before your session!

Every session includes: 

🌟 Jaw dropping makeup & soft, Tousled hair design

Go from every day beauty to Hollywood glam with a few swipes of an eyeliner brush. Or keep it natural, simple, beautiful, and true to you. Whatever your fantasy, we're here for it!


We have a large client closet with lingerie, robes, nipple covers, and body chains to help create your fantasy session. Often women are surprised at how well our pieces fit them and how much they love pieces that are more daring or they never would have chosen themselves. 

🌟 Customized posing for your body

I will be there with you every step of the way, showing you the poses, guiding your facial expressions, and fixing your hair and other details. I will pose you right down to your finger tips. It will feel more like a super fun-filled stretching class than an actual photoshoot.

🌟 Lastly, you'll get a private design consultation

A few days after your session, depending on our mutual availability, we'll go over ALL your lightly edited images in person or on a Zoom call. This is where we will build your packages & choose your extra products! We will have fun viewing all your images, customizing fun keepsakes, and you'll finally get to see how beautiful you are!


Moody Boudie believes the empowering experience of boudoir photography should be attainable for every woman. We strive to make it easy to say yes to a shoot through a variety of ways.

First, we offer financing through PayPal Credit, Klarna, and Affirm (subject to credit approval) or flexible 3 to 12 month in-house payment plans. Use PayPal to have your shoot and get your products right away or invest in a payment plan to make smaller, affordable monthly payments so it's easy to purchase what you truly desire.

Boudoir is ultimately an investment in yourself and your story. Let's tell it beautifully – together. 


Payments made easy

"Super fun and easy to work with. She did a great job of instructing on poses and outfits that made me feel/look my best. I highly recommend booking a session. I was blown away by the images she captured and feel so beautiful when I see them. Every woman deserves to feel that way about herself!"

– KayLee

Super fun and easy.

I had an awesome opportunity to laugh and goof off and feel self-empowered and sexy. Thanks for helping us to remember that we're all goddesses. To remind us that it's ok to be sexy and not feel ashamed for it. We all live that independent, hard-working, busy, judged, serving and dedicated life and often put ourselves on the self critiquing back burner.

Get gussied up and let yourself do something special for you and all that you are. You're a lioness, remember?

– Maggie

You're a lioness, remember?

Frequently asked questions

We provide hair and makeup as a perk for signing up for a pre-session payment plan. When you inquire, we'll send you our full product list and detailed information on payment plan options and the perks that come with them. Extra outfits, special sets, and even hype videos are included as payment plan perk choices. 

We do have a small but growing client closet with some amazing and dramatic lingerie pieces and robes. We also have a collection of body jewelry and shoes. We do ask if you'd like to use our wardrobe that you send us your sizes and color preferences prior to the session. 

Consent is hugely important for us and we do not share any images without permission. All of the photos on this site have been used with permission from the women pictured and you are free to keep them completely private, allow us to use images that don't show your face, or to allow us to share them openly.

We will help you pose down to your fingertips! We will coach you through facial expressions and will help you accentuate the parts of your body you love! 

We will discuss any insecurities you have before your session. While we believe all bodies are beautiful we recognize that the path to body positivity is not linear and there are multiple stop points along the way. Our goal is to help you get to at least neutral ground with your body and give you tools for continuing along the path toward positive feelings all around.

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