Seeing ourselves is important work. It allows us to heal traumas, come to terms with our stories, and discover the path to acceptance. It takes courage and strength to show up for yourself – to allow yourself to stand out and be seen. We are taught to silence ourselves for the comfort of others – to sacrifice our needs for our family, career, and society.

We look at other women and think, "Yes! Good for them, but that could never be me." Challenge that part of yourself. Why not you? Who are you to not be as beautiful, successful, and joyful as you've dreamed of being? Your inner critic – that voice whispering you are not enough – is sabotaging you to stay in your comfort zone, because playing small is safe. But you are worth more than that. You deserve a richer life than that. Now is your time. 

Believe in [self] love stories.

About Us

This is why boudoir is so much more than a job to me. I believe boudoir can change lives. As women, we bear the scars of this world while the constant pressure to look fit and youthful keeps us wrapped in shame.

Our bodies are strong and amazing vehicles that have taken us on all our adventures, housed and fed our children, and keep us moving forward. Yet, we learn to fear and loathe them. Our identities are often subconsciously tied to our appearance. Gain a little weight, bear a child, suffer an injury and suddenly you’re relearning how you fit into the world. Losing connection with your body and your sense of self can keep you trapped in a cage of fear and doubt.

Boudoir is an avenue to redefine your relationship with your body and to recapture your power. It takes you out of your head and allows you to see the beauty those that love you see in you.

Change your mindset, change your life

After the accident, I gave up on myself. I spent years hating my body and feeling completely disconnected from it. Frustrated, I bitterly limped my way through the next few years. My chronic pain-riddled body felt like I was 80, even though I was in my late 20s. That’s when I decided to do something drastic.

On my journey to healing, I planned a few photoshoots to force myself to stop hiding. For so long I had internalized that I was a lumbering, limping, forever-scarred monster; but the photo evidence proved otherwise.

From Anger to Acceptance

I'm glad you're here!

Hello there! My name is Kaila and I have been a photographer for nearly 15 years. I have a degree in photography and lots of expensive papers from schools, awards, and workshops that show I’m highly trained and good at what I do – but that’s the boring stuff.

Way more importantly, I understand what it’s like to lose connection with my body and to feel defeated, drained, and unattractive. After a freak hiking accident in 2011 crushed my right leg and nearly tore it off my body, I faced a several years long road to recovery. The mental recovery was nearly as treacherous as the physical. 

Photography played a massive role in my mental and spiritual healing. It helped me come to terms with the scars that now cover a large portion of my body, and allowed me to finally recognize and embrace the beauty that remained.

Photography helped me heal, and it can help you too.

Photography heals

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